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Android-Printer-InformationThe Android mobile operating system is now the world’s most popular device operating system. Many users not only use it for personal productivity and personal apps, but they use it as their primary mobile business device. With this comes the need for document printing. But how does printing from Android devices work exactly?

With PrinterOn, you only have to download the PrinterOn Android cloud printing app to have immediate access to thousands of PrinterOn-enabled printers around the world or your office printers using PrinterOn Enterprise.

It’s easy to print securely from anywhere to any printer in the PrinterOn directory of public printers. You can do a keyword search or you can use the Location feature which uses the GPS capabilities of your device to find the nearest printers to you. The Enterprise/Authorized feature of the Android printing app allow users to automatically find the printers they are authorized to print to within the enterprise. Use the PrinterOn Android app for any type of on-the-go printing including boarding passes, spreadsheets, Word documents and PDF files.


Android-Printing-Google-Play-LogoGet the PrinterOn Android App




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Printer Discovery

The PrinterOn Android printing app makes finding a printer easy through various discovery methods so no matter where a user is, an appropriate printer can be found or presented to them. Productivity is not lost when leaving their desk or the office, the mobile apps take over and bring true enterprise mobility to users no matter where they may be.

Search - Find a printer by entering a keyword such as a city, state or hotel name
Location - Uses the GPS function of your device to show you the printers nearby
Authorized/Enterprise - Presents all user-authorized printers within an organization that are PrinterOn-enabled (requires specific Search URL of organization to be entered in settings)



Android-Printing-PDFPrint All Types of Documents

With the PrinterOn app for Android you can print most types of files such as photos, web pages, PDFs and Microsoft file types. Web pages and photos can be printed directly from the app. Other files can be printed directly from within the "My Files" folder using the "Share Via" function.









Android-Printing-Select-CopiesPrint Preview

The print preview feature of the Android printing app lets you view your document before submitting it for printing making sure it is exactly what you want before hitting the print button. Choose which pages you want to print and how many copies you need.





Andorid-Printing-Release-CodeSecure Release Codes

The Android app provides a secure release code for every document submitted. Documents are not released from the printer until this release code is entered, keeping documents private and confidential.








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