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BlackBerry-Printing-InformationThe BlackBerry continues to be a popular corporate smartphone. As the BlackBerry install base has grown, the need for BlackBerry printing has grown with it. Many BlackBerry users have come to rely on their BlackBerry for keeping up with business, even more than they have relied on their laptops or desktop computers before.

One gap though has been the lack of true print anywhere capabilities while on-the-go.
PrinterOn solves this problem by providing a BlackBerry printing app that enables you to print from BlackBerry much like printing from a laptop or desktop computer. Once installed, the BlackBerry printing app enables users to print most types of documents to thousands of PrinterOn public print locations or at the office using PrinterOn Enterprise.

Searching for a printer is easy and can be done by entering a keyword, using the GPS function of your device or through the Discovery feature of the apps. Print from BlackBerry 10 devices today by dowloading the app below.


BlackBerry-App-World-LogoGet the PrinterOn App for BlackBerry




BlackBerry-PrintingPrint All Types of Documents

With the PrinterOn app for BlackBerry you can print most types of files such as:

  • image files (jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff, png, pict)
  • web pages (html, htm)
  • Adobe PDF
  • Text files (txt, rtf)
  • Open Office
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio







Find a Printer Fast

Keyword Search - Search for printers by entering a city, state or other keyword

Nearby - Uses the GPS function of your device to located printers near you

Discover - PrinterOn Discovery provides users with automatic printer discovery capabilities through the app.(Print Delivery Gateway required)





BlackBerry-Printing-App-LocalizationApp Localizaton for a Global Solution

The PrinterOn BlackBerry printing app has been localized for 11 languages making it easier for international users to print. These languages include: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean.






The BlackBerry printing app in conjunction with PrinterOn Enterprise is designed to integrate with Active Directory and other LDAP-based services. By specifiying a specific search URL in the mobile apps settings, users will be asked for their credentials before submitting documents for printing.









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