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Nook-Printing-InformationThe Nook e-reader first started out as just that, a device to read downloadable books. Now, the nook e-reader is more than that. It is a full featured android based tablet that can access the internet and store files. What if you want to print a webpage or a file stored on your NOOK? Until now, that has been almost impossible. PrinterOn has developed the NOOK mobile printing app that lets you print all your files to any PrinterOn public printing location or at the office using PrinterOn Enterprise.

It’s easy to find a printer. You can do a keyword search, you can allow the NOOK printing app to search for a printer near you using the GPS capabilities of your NOOK or use the new Discovery feature. The Discovery feature of the NOOK app allows users to automatically find the nearest available printer to them just by hitting the Discovery tab. Once installed on your device, you can print almost any file type such as emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, photos and boarding passes using the PrinterOn app for the NOOK.

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Nook-Printing-Types-of-DocumentsPrint All Types of Documents

With the PrinterOn app for Nook you can print most types of files such as:

  • image files (jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff, png, pict)
  • web pages (html, htm)
  • Adobe PDF
  • Text files (txt, rtf)
  • Open Office
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio



Find a Printer Fast

Keyword Search - Search for printers by entering a city, state or other keyword

Nearby - Uses the GPS function of your device to located printers near you

Discover - PrinterOn Discovery provides users with automatic printer discovery capabilities through the app.(Print Delivery Gateway required)





PrinterOn Enterprise is designed to integrate with Active Directory and other LDAP-based services. By specifiying a specific search URL in the mobile apps settings, users will be asked for their credentials before submitting documents for printing.





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