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Desktop Printing

PrinterOn provides secure print, tracking and management for desktops through its on premise and hosted (SaaS) editions. Whether the printer is on the corporate network or off-network at another location, desktop users can print simply and securely to any enabled printer within the organization.

The beauty of the PrinterOn platform is that individual users don’t need to find, download and install printer drivers. All drivers are managed from one central location eliminating the need for IT to install drivers on every PC or laptop in the office.

Benefits of Using PrinterOn for Your Desktop Printing

  • No drivers to manage on individual workstations
  • Print to any printer, even off-network remote printers at other office locations or third-party providers
  • A further layer of security is added through authentication at each printer

Desktop Printing Software

PrinterOn offers a variety of ways to print from a typical desktop PC or laptop. The method you choose will depend on what your needs and requirements are. PrinterOn provides desktop printing solutions for Windows printing, native Mac printing and VDI printing.

windows printing solutions from PrinterOnWindows Printing

PrintWhere® is a Windows-based print subsystem that enables secure, remote printing from any Windows application using Windows Surface tablets, desktops or laptops. PrintWhere eliminates tedious printer configuration and enables users to print to printers on the network and off-network remote printers using one simple interface.

PrintWhere is included as a key solution component of each PrinterOn Edition: Enterprise, Express and Hosted, and helps to deliver true secure pull printing, tracking and management for Windows-based workflows.

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mac printing solutions from PrinterOnNative Mac Printing 

IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) is the native protocol used by the iOS platform. PrinterOn supports IPP printing from any Mac. Just like adding any printer using an IP address, PrinterOn-enabled printers are added much the same way by selecting a server IP address and entering the name or number of the PrinterOn printer. PrinterOn also supports Mac printing with authentication when using LDAP or Active Directory.

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citrix printing solutions from PrinterOnVirtual Desktop Printing (VDI)

Many organizations worldwide use thin clients like Citrix to virtualize desktops and applications into a secure on-demand service available to any user, anywhere, on any device. Users are able to access their Windows desktop from tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients no matter where they are. This centralization of the desktop environment provides control to IT departments while reducing configuration time spent on individual devices.

But there is one problem for users of thin clients, printing. Because thin clients create a centralized environment, there is no way for users to access printers outside of that network.

PrinterOn brings secure printing to thin client desktop (or mobile) workflows. Users can print to any printer, not just the ones reachable from the thin client server. PrinterOn makes printing easier in thin client infrastructures by taking over responsibility for print driver management and eliminating printer configuration on individual workstations.

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