BYOD printing solutions for education from PrinterOn

Deployment Options

The PrinterOn Enterprise mobile printing platform has been designed from the ground up as a highly scalable solution that can support various deployment models. The solution is fully modular to allow for growth as usage increases and can accommodate thousands of users and print devices within a single deployment. PrinterOn Enterprise can be deployed across disparate networks or firewalls with mimimal network changes required to the infrastructure.

Architecture with Modularity

The modular design of PrinterOn allows for flexible deployment models based on your specific network and infrastructure needs.

  • highly scalable, modular design
  • scales as usage and devices increase
  • rapid deployment model requires minimal changes to the network even in the most complex environments

Types of Deployments

Single Server Deployments - The simplest deployment option is to install all PrinterOn Enterprise components on a single dedicated server, this is the default install option.

Multiple Location Deployments - If there are multiple physical locations, components can be partitioned off and installed locally, especially where local printers are only available in those locations and not across the WAN.

High Usage Deployments - Locations exceeding 5,000 jobs per day requires three PrintAnywhere servers and clustering requires PrintAnywhere configuration.