Mobile Printing Solutions for Libraries

Mobile Print Capabilities for LibrariesLibraries often struggle with budgetary constraints and are torn between keeping costs under control while providing the latest services and technology to patrons. Print capability is a typical service at public libraries, but it comes with associated problems such as the maintenance of computers and drivers by IT departments, paper waste by patrons who print and never pick up their documents and the time staff have to spend collecting money from patrons who are paying for prints.

The PrinterOn Hosted cloud printing solution provides mobile print capability to patrons while also solving many of the issues created by traditional printing from desktop stations. With PrinterOn, print drivers are managed in the cloud eliminating the need for IT departments to manage them. With the addition of a pay-for-print service such as PayPal or Jamex coin box, libraries now have a self-serve printing service which eliminates the need for interaction with library staff.

Users of your PrinterOn service can also access thousands of PrinterOn public printing locations worldwide by accessing our directory or by using one of the printing apps available for your smartphone or tablet.

Key Features for Libraries

Lower Operating Costs

Traditional desktop print capability at public libraries comes with associated problems such as the maintenance of computers and drivers by IT departments. PrinterOn eliminates driver management and PCs used only for printing can be reduced because patrons can print from their own mobile devices.

Integration with EnvisionWare

Leverage your current EnvisionWare installation and add mobile print. The MobilePrint module from EnvisionWare installs on an LPT:One 4.9 system with no extra computers or printers to buy, providing a seamless print workflow for your patrons.

Simplify Administration

The print service is easily managed through a single location. The PrinterOn web console provides access to all settings, printers, configurations and reports making managing and monitoring simple and efficient.

Increase Security

No more trying to print something from a patron’s USB stick. With PrinterOn, no patron data ever touches your network or servers preventing unwanted viruses that can harm the entire infrastructure.

Be More Green

20% of all print is waste. PrinterOn prevents documents from automatically printing through a secure release code system. Forgotten documents won’t be left on the printer and end up in the recycling bin which saves paper and consumables.

Improve User Experience

Whether at the library or at home, on a tablet or laptop, PrinterOn enables patrons to print from any device or location to a convenient printer at their public library without staff interaction. Each print job is protected by a secure release code providing confidentiality to patrons.

Key Benefits of Mobile Printing for Libraries

  • Recover output costs via pay-for-print service using PayPal or Jamex
  • Reduce printing waste through secure print
  • PrinterOn works with EnvisionWare and Today's Business Solutions (TBS) so adding mobile print is easy
  • Self-service printing frees up librarians’ time for other more relevant tasks
  • Printing directly from patron’s mobile devices means libraries can reduce or eliminate PCs used only for printing
  • Patrons can print from their own mobile devices, no waiting for PCs
  • 4 printing methods to choose from: email, mobile apps, web upload, driver
  • Secure release of documents provides confidentiality to patrons
  • Mobile printing apps for iOS and Android


Mobile Printing Success Story

Mobile printing for libraries“We found PrinterOn through a web search along with some other solutions. After a bit of research, we decided on PrinterOn because they are the leader in mobile printing technology. We did an evaluation and found that PrinterOn gave us the functionality patrons were asking for, the ability to print from their own mobile devices.”

Las Vegas Clark County Library District

 Mobile printing for library patrons

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