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PrinterOn Airport Printing SolutionsMore and more travelers are carrying mobile devices in place of laptops, but still like to remain productive while traveling. For a frequent business traveler, the ability to print documents for a meeting or conference during down times between flights is critical.

With the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution, travelers can conveniently print documents from their smartphones, laptops or tablets simply by emailing their documents to a PrinterOn-enabled printer located in an airport lounge. Documents are not released until the user enters the release code on a keypad at the printer which keeps print jobs private. Travelers can also send print jobs to their destination hotel that offers the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution. On arrival, their documents can be released and printed, saving time and relieving the stress of having to find somewhere to print their documents.

Benefits of PrinterOn Mobile Printing

  • Drive brand loyalty by offering mobile printing in airport lounges and keep frequent flyers returning
  • Travelers will find PrinterOn easy to use which means fewer questions for staff
  • Secure release of documents for privacy
  • Branded web printing portals can be customized using your specific brand logo and colors
  • No drivers to install
  • Apps available for easy search and print to all PrinterOn locations

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