Deployment Options

The flexibility of the PrinterOn solution is what makes it such a desirable choice for public printing locations like airports. There are deployment options to suit everyone.

PrintConnet and PrintValetPrintConnect and PrintValet

Add cloud printing capability to any printer with the PrinterOn PrintConnect and PrintValet. These two pieces of hardware provide an easy plug-and-print mobile printing solution for any location. The PrintConnect is a compact network device embedded with the PrinterOn mobile printing software and connects directly to a local network or to a printer via USB. The PrintValet keypad plugs into the PrintConnect and allows users to enter a code to securely release their documents.

PrintConnect Data Sheet USB PrintValet Keypad Data Sheet  |  Network PrintValet Keypad Data Sheet


PrinterOn PC DeploymentPC Deployment

The PrinterOn Print Delivery Station (PDS) software can be installed remotely on any networked Windows PC giving any printer connected to it a cloud printing capability. Print Delivery Station collects the print jobs sent using your PrinterOn web based printing service and provides a privacy release interface allowing users to release their documents at the printer.

Ricoh HotSpot PrintersRicoh HotSpot Printers

Ricoh HotSpot Printers combine the technology of Ricoh’s industry-leading printers with the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution. These printers are embedded with the PrinterOn software and provide an all-in-one cloud printing solution for any location.