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PrinterOn Library Printing SolutionsPatrons visiting and working at a library need the ability to print at your location without having to upload documents to computers from USB drives or by trying to connect to your network printers from their laptops. The PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution makes your library printers available to your patrons without having them connect to your network or install printer drivers.

Each PrinterOn-enabled printer has a unique email address assigned to it. Patrons are able to send print jobs from their smartphones or laptops to your printers by simply sending an email with attachment to the email address of the PrinterOn-enabled printer at your location. Users can submit documents from wherever they are - on the road, in their home office or in the library. Documents are not released until the user enters the release code on a keypad at the printer which keeps documents private.

Users of your PrinterOn service can also access thousands of PrinterOn public printing locations worldwide by accessing our directory or by using one of the printing apps available for your smartphone or tablet.

PrinterOn can be integrated with your current or new cost recovery system and works with existing printers already in use in your library.

Benefits to Your Library

  • Attract more patrons to your location with mobile printing

  • No drivers to install

  • Submit documents for printing from any Wi-Fi or Internet connected device (smartphone, tablet, laptop)

  • Use existing printers at your location

  • Branded web printing portals can be customized using your specific brand logo and colors

  • Easy to use for patrons, minimal troubleshooting for staff

  • PayPal integration for pay-for-print/cost recovery

  • Works with most print management solutions such as EnvisionWare


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