PrinterOn Integration with EnvisionWarePrinterOn and EnvisionWare have partnered to offer the MobilePrint Module for EnvisionWare. Printing from any device couldn't be easier. Users can choose to print with one of the following methods:

• emailing documents to the unique email address of the printer
• using one of the mobile printing apps for iOS or Android devices
• uploading documents to a web printing portal

After submitting a document for printing at the library or from wherever you may be, pick up the job using the same workflow you already know. MobilePrint leverages the power of the PRT to share the same computer, same user interface, and same payment methods. It's fast, easy and reliable. Your library becomes a destination for public printing from mobile devices.

The MobilePrint module will install on an LPT:One 4.9 system, no extra computers or printers to buy.  And your existing accounts and payment devices can be used to pay for LPT:One in-library printing as well as for printing submitted from remote devices. The workflow is seamless. Any mobile user can enter their address to release a job. Patrons can also login with their library card and PIN so that in-library and mobile printing jobs appear on the same screen and can be released at the same time. Easy for patrons, easy for guests.

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