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phone tabletPrinterOn is dedicated to making the mobile print experience as easy and friendly as possible. Our apps for iOS and Android devices provide a print experience that is unrivaled in the industry.

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Bringing True Enterprise Mobility to Users Anywhere They Are

The PrinterOn mobile apps for iOS and Android let you print from your Apple or Android devices to any PrinterOn-enabled printer worldwide. With the PrinterOn mobile apps, you can locate a printer, print pictures, boarding passes, spreadsheets, documents, email attachments and more, all directly from your mobile device.

Quick Printer Discovery

PrinterOn mobile printing appThe PrinterOn mobile apps support printing to Secure Release Anywhere pools. A Secure Release Anywhere pool appears just like any other printer when you select it. However, rather than representing an single printer, it represents a group of PrinterOn printers, any of which can print the submitted print job. Once you submit your print job, you can choose which of the member printers will do the printing.

Printer pools are a way to simplify printing for the user. Instead of needing to know a specific printer name, you simply select the printer pool, walk up to the closest printer, scan the QR code, and the print job is sent there for you. 

It’s easy to find a printer to print to. PrinterOn maintains a directory that contains entries for every PrinterOn enabled printer worldwide. With the PrinterOn app, you can search this directory to locate and select a printer.

The mobile apps provide several methods to quickly locate a specific printer from among the thousands available:

  • Search by location: Use your device’s Location Services to locate nearby printers, or search specific geographic locations
  • Search by keyword: Search the PrinterOn directory for a printer with specific printer name, or search for a hotel name
  • Search for network printers: If you are using the PrinterOn mobile app for iOS, you can also use the network discovery features to scan your local network for available printers
  • Search for secured printers: Configure the mobile app with server and user account information and you can restrict your search to those printers you are authorized to access




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