10 Things to Consider for BYOD Enterprise Printing

Creating a BYOD architecture is something more firms are having to do every day. When creating the plan for BYOD you will likely consider security, accessibility, rules, and user experience. However, the one thing you may not consider is printing. When employees or guests are bringing their own device onto your network, what happens when they need to print? Similarly, what considerations need to be made when setting up BYOD printing for your enterprise?

Choosing a mobile printing platform is not easy. There are many cloud printing or enterprise printing solutions on the market and on the surface they may seem similar, so where do you start? The following set of questions should be considered while comparing options to help you decide if the solution you’re considering has the security, flexibility, usability and reliability you require.

  1. Does the solution provide a variety of submission methods such as email, web upload, driver, mobile apps?
  2. Are there mobile apps available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle, Nook, etc?
  3. Does the solution support file types like Microsoft Office, Open Office, pdf, jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif, png, rtf, txt, web pages?
  4. Does the solution support high quality output for all print methods?
  5. Does the solution allow cloud printing from storage applications such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive?
  6. Does the solution provide support for AirPrint, allowing any printer to gain AirPrint functionality?
  7. Can the solution be co-deployed with most print management systems?
  8. How are my print job data and user credentials secured, are they transmitted outside my local network?
  9. Can access to printers be authenticated through AD/LDAP?
  10. Can printers not on the corporate network (at remote locations) be enabled with mobile printing easily?

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