20 Questions to ask when considering a mobile print strategy

Not All Mobile Printing Solutions Are The Same

Choosing a mobile printing platform is not easy. Many of the solutions out there may seem similar on the surface, but once they are investigated further, they fail to stand up to the demanding requirements that an enterprise needs.

For more than a decade, PrinterOn has been delivering cloud printing solutions. We understand the challenges you face such as security, authentication, print management, disparate networks and the BYOD revolution. The PrinterOn Enterprise Mobile Printing Platform has been designed to meet the diverse printing requirements of your enterprise.

The following questions should be kept in mind during the RFP/RFI process. They will help you determine whether or not the mobile solution you are looking at has the security, flexibility, usability and reliability required by an enterprise with thousands of users, various device platforms and multiple networks.

1. Does the solution provide a variety of submission methods such as email, web upload, driver, mobile apps?

2. Are there mobile apps available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle, Nook?

3. Does the solution support a BYOD environment? Can users print from any device/platform?

4. Does the solution support file types like Microsoft Office, Open Office, pdf, jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif, png, rtf, txt, web pages?

5. Does the solution allow users to print from cloud storage applications such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive?

6. Does the solution support printing using the Apple AirPrint print button?

7. Can iOS users print without installing applications and be integrated with print management and LDAP/AD?

8. Do all print workflows support integration with LDAP/AD? Can access to printers be controlled by LDAP/AD OUs or Groups?

9. Can all print workflows be configured to support authenticated or non-authenticated users (to support guest printing)?

10. Can email printing be configured to support attachment printing only and/or attachment and body of email?

11. Does the solution support multiple email protocols such as Microsoft Exchange (MAPI), IMAP4 and Domino?

12. Does the solution support high quality output for all print methods?

13. Can printers not on the corporate network (at remote locations) be enabled with mobile printing easily?

14. Can remote locations easily be enabled with mobile print via deployment of a “plug-and-play” printer or MFP?

15. Can the solution be easily configured to support incremental print volume, redundancy and clustering?

16. Can servers automatically recover from failed print jobs?

17. What is the software upgrade process? Does the service need to be taken offline to perform software upgrades?

18. Can the solution be co-deployed with most print management systems and also support secure release through the PMS?

19. Can jobs be released natively on the MFP, through a mobile device or external keypad?

20.  Is post-sales training provided for IT administrators?