6 Benefits of Secure Pull Printing for Your Organization Infographic

PrinterOn is the premier cloud printing solution that enables users to securely print from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, to any printer, no matter the networks in between. In short, with PrinterOn you can “Print Simply Anywhere®”. Every PrinterOn print job is secure. And with PrinterOn secure pull printing, print waste is drastically reduced – unreleased print jobs never get printed. That saves paper and consumables.

Secure Release Anywhere™: Pull printing, tracking and management

With the introduction of Secure Release Anywhere, PrinterOn cost-effectively extends pull printing to mobile users and gives them the flexibility to choose an output device at the time of print release instead of print submission. A single, centrally managed solution delivers a consistent user experience, reporting for cost control and compliance, along with increased IT efficiency. All this saves time and money for everyone.

Pull printing should be a part of your mobile print strategy and provides a way to reduce infrastructure and optimize print across your organization.

  1. Reduce waste
  2. Increase security
  3. Reduce infrastructure
  4. Reduce the need for print servers
  5. Increase productivity
  6. Reduce support calls

For more information about Secure Release Anywhere, download the fact sheet.


PrinterOn pull printing infographic

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