Add Mobile Printing to your Hotel Business Center for a complete office on-the-go

Every day at hotels worldwide, business travelers and other guests rely on PrinterOn when they need to print documents for meetings, boarding passes, maps or other types of files.

With the PrinterOn guest printing solution, guests are able to send documents from any device to your PrinterOn-enabled printers from wherever they may be, in their suite, at the bar, in the lobby or at the airport before their arrival.

4 Ways to Print to Suit Every Type of Guest

  1. Email –  Guests can send or forward an email to a printer’s email address from any device
  2. Web – Documents can be uploaded to a PrinterOn printing portal for printing
  3. Mobile AppsMobile printing apps are available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices
  4. PrintWhere Driver – The PrintWhere Driver allows guests to print from any Windows application using the standard File->Print workflow

Benefits to You

  • Flexible deployment options to suit your requirements
  • Help your business travelers stay productive by offering a guest printing amenity
  • Guests release documents themselves at the printer for an unstaffed solution
  • Use existing printers at your property, no special printers to purchase
  • Guest awareness materials are available to show guests how to use the service

There are over 10,000 PrinterOn public printing locations worldwide.