Adding PayPal to Your PrinterOn Mobile Printing Service

Do you currently have the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution at your location? Did you know you can easily add PayPal to your PrinterOn service with no cost to you?

The PrinterOn PayPal Application allows PayPal billing to be directly integrated into the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution for a simple and trustworthy pay-for-print solution at your location.

Benefits of the PayPal Solution

  • Recover costs associated with offering a mobile printing solution
  • No extra software or equipment to purchase
  • PayPal is a trusted, credible payment processor
  • Micropayment model allows lower transaction fees for merchants
  • Simple user interface
  • Many users already have PayPal accounts and are familiar with the process

Integrating PayPal into the PrinterOn service is easy. First you need to set up a PayPal business account, then go into the PrinterOn Administration Portal associated with your service and configure it to allow for PayPal billing.

Users of PrinterOn can pay for their print jobs using an existing PayPal account or by simply entering their credit card information during the printing process. PrinterOn service owners set the per page fees, PayPal manages all transaction fees and costs.