An All-in-One Mobile Printing Solution for Your Campus

The ePRINTit® Mobile Print Kiosk is an all-in-one solution which combines document printing, photo printing, video calling, directory services and digital signage. Students can print from any smartphone, tablet or laptop by simply sending an email with attachment to the unique email address assigned to the kiosk.

Searching for kiosk locations is easy with the mobile printing apps available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. Searches can be done via keyword or by using the GPS feature of your device to locate kiosks in your vicinity.

Students can print reports, presentations, photos and more. The kiosks can also print from any memory device or can pull documents from cloud-based servers such as Dropbox and Facebook.

Kiosks can be strategically placed throughout a campus to provide convenient mobile printing for students wherever they may be, in the library, at a residence or student center. Kiosks can also serve those who may not have access to networked printers which require user authentication such as visitors, night school students or guests at a residence hotel.

Create a New Revenue Stream
Through printing, advertising via digital signage and video calling, ePRINTit Mobile Print Kiosks are a great way to generate revenue for your campus. Various revenue sharing plans can be selected to suit your particular requirements.

The ePRINTit Kiosk Fits Into Your Campus Green Plan
One ePRINTit kiosk can replace thousands of inkjet printers and prevent thousands of empty ink cartridges from going to a landfill. The kiosks use much less power than all of those inkjet printers as well and are rated to produce 150,000 pages per month.