Mobile App Usage Soaring Within Hospitality Industry

Mobile App Usage Soaring Within Hospitality IndustryIt would seem that mobile apps for the hospitality industry are catching on. In a recent article appearing in Hospitality Technology Magazine, it was stated that travelers have downloaded Hilton-brand apps 340,000 times as of August.

“It’s interesting how quickly consumers have adopted the use of mobile phones to make and change hotel reservations,” said Chuck Sullivan, the company’s senior vice president of global online services.

Mobile printing apps can’t be far behind this mass adoption. You can book your room with a smartphone and you can print from it while you are there using the PrintSpots Mobile Guest Printing Solution from PrinterOn. HP and Ricoh have made searching for and printing to these PrintSpot-enabled printers quick and easy with the HP ePRINT app and the Ricoh HotSpot Printing app.

These apps let you search for and then print to the PrintSpot closest to you. After sending your print job, a release code is emailed to you that you enter into the keypad at the printer and your prints are securely released. Simple and convenient.