“Cloud” printing, literally

Cloud PrintingImagine, you’re flying at 30,000 feet, laptop out, and you are putting the final touches on your slide show for a major sales presentation in 3 hours. You realize as you complete the last slide, that you need to distribute the presentation on hard-copy handouts for the meeting. Now what? Well, it seems that in today’s connected digital world, even printing a document while flying in the clouds, is not as far fetched as one might think. As airlines look for new ways to generate additional revenue, they are now offering Wi-Fi service to passengers in the air. One such company providing this service is GoGo Inflight Internet. Of course being connected to the internet while in-flight means that the presentation you need to print is actually a reality today. Passengers can easily search the PrinterOn directory of public printers called PrintSpots to locate a printer at their destination airport such as American Airlines, Delta or a hotel such as Hilton Garden Inn, and then retrieve the document when they arrive. This truly puts the “cloud” in printing!