Do company contractors and guests need to print from their laptops or mobile devices to your network printers?

Businesses regularly conduct meetings with customers, suppliers, vendors and other visitors within their corporate offices.  Typically IT creates a separate “firewalled” Wi-Fi network for guests to connect to the internet while in their offices.  As a result , printers that they would like users to be able to print to are on the companies secure corporate network.  PrinterOn provides technology to overcome this problem.

PrinterOn Enterprise is an on-premise printing solution that enables guests to print at your location without having to connect to your secure corporate network. The PrinterOn server handles the needed file conversions, formatting and other details, packages it as a print job, encrypts for high level of security and sends it to the printer. With this approach, visitors or contractors can be given access to corporate printers without granting them network access.

PrinterOn offers mobile printing apps for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices so that guests can easily search for and then submit documents to a printer on the corporate network.

PrinterOn Enterprise also offers a “secure print” or “release to print” option. Documents that are sent can only be released with the release code provided to them upon job submission so sensitive or private information isn’t left lying in the printer’s out tray.