Are the days of computer labs on campus numbered?

Are the days of computer labs on campus numbered?Centralized PC labs have been an important part of both campus space planning and IT infrastructure, but this may be changing. As colleges and universities look to trim budgets, computer labs with banks of PC’s are not being spared from the cuts.

With the advent of laptop computers, it is becoming increasingly common for students to own personal computers. In fact, about 83 percent of students at four-year-colleges own them, up dramatically from 36 percent in 2003.

With so many laptops and tablets being toted around by students and staff they will need a simple way to print documents from these devices. How can users print from an iPad? Or wireless laptop? This is where the Campus Printing Solution from PrinterOn enters the story. Any device that is Wi-Fi or internet connected can print to campus printers without installing and configuring drivers. Students simply upload their documents to a website portal for printing. Read how Ball State University uses PrinterOn.