Why Do Enterprises Choose PrinterOn for their Mobile Printing Solution?

PrinterOn Enterprise is a Private Cloud Solution that meets the diverse mobile printing requirements of the Enterprise. Designed from the ground-up as a full mobile printing platform, PrinterOn Enterprise ensures documents are printed and managed within your network regardless of device, printer, network or geographic location. PrinterOn Enterprise is deployed directly on-site for organizations that require integrations to existing authentication and print management systems, extending and enhancing existing infrastructure investments.

Here are the 10 reasons Enterprises choose PrinterOn.

1. Document Fidelity
A key reason PrinterOn is a mobile printing leader is our document fidelity protocol and legacy patents in file format &viewing technology. The PrinterOn platform has consistently provided high quality document output for over 12 years. Users of our service have printed 10 million print jobs and over 50million pages.

2. Enterprise-grade Infrastructure
The PrinterOn infrastructure is Enterprise-grade by design.Unrivaled in the industry, the technology has been stress tested with millions of pages printed in production environments
globally on multiple disparate networks. It is likely that this print volume processed in real-world applications exceeds he rest of the industry combined.

3. Flexible
PrinterOn supports various use cases for internal corporate printing, guest printing via public print locations, access control,secure release and follow-me (combined with print management solutions.) These use cases are further supported by the following print submission methods: email, mobile apps, web printing portals and the PrintWhere Windows based driver.

4. Deployment Options
PrinterOn Enterprise supports various deployment models depending on the security, network and infrastructure requirements of the Enterprise. PrinterOn is a modular system which allows for deployment across disparate networks or firewalls without network changes required to the Enterprise infrastructure.

5. Authentication Options
PrinterOn Enterprise is designed to integrate with existing user management systems such as Active Directory and other LDAP based services. PrinterOn Enterprise can also integrate the mobile print workflow into existing print management, tracking or auditing services that may already be deployed within the Enterprise.

6. Print Management
PrinterOn works in unison with many print management solutions on the market. Enable tracking, auditing and billing for all print jobs by combining PrinterOn with a preferred or existing print management solution for a true Enterprise-class mobile printing experience.

7. Patent Protected
PrinterOn owns many issued and pending patents that protect our ability to provide a unique global cloud printing infrastructure. The investment made in our core intellectual property ensures PrinterOn is capable of providing seamless operation and unique value solutions to the market.

8. Secure
The solution is designed to provide a high level of security with documents encrypted on-the-go and at rest with unique RSA encryption keys for every print job. In addition, PrinterOn seamlessly integrates with LDAP/AD ensuring the Enterprise maximizes current security infrastructure.

9. Scalable
PrinterOn has been built from the ground up as a highly scalable and redundant Enterprise platform. The solution is fully modular and designed to allow for growth as usage increases. PrinterOn Enterprise can accommodate thousands of users and print devices within a single deployment.

10. Extensible
Leverage PrinterOn’s robust API suite to extend and integrate the mobile printing processes of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution. PrinterOn APIs can be used to provide print capabilities for internal mobile applications and/or ERP (SAP and Oracle) applications requiring remote print capability as an alternative to dedicated leased lines or VPNs.