Introducing the PrinterOn Marketing Video Series!

PrinterOn has come out with a new line of how to videos known as the PrinterOn Marketing Video Series. This video series contains videos that show viewers how to use various features of the PrinterOn mobile printing solutions. There have been three videos published so far with two more videos scheduled for publishing in the near future.

The videos published so far include:

iOS Extensions Shows users how to use the PrinterOn iOS Extensions feature so they can print from an app without having to leave it and open the PrinterOn mobile printing apps.

Printing Using The PrinterOn Mobile App – Shows users how to perform a basic print using the PrinterOn Mobile App.

QR Code Based Printer Discovery – Shows users how to discover a printer by scanning the QR Code on the printer using the mobile app.

The videos that will be released next include:

Guest Printing for PrinterOn Hosted – Shows users the different features of guest printing, including printing from the PrinterOn mobile app, rmail print, and web print.

Secure Release From a Samsung Printer with a PrinterOn Embedded Agent Shows users how to release their print job on a Samsung printer using the PrinterOn release code feature.

PrinterOn will be coming out with many more videos on different topics in the future.

View the videos on PrinterOn’s YouTube channel.