Making the Workplace More Mobile Friendly

No matter how much people use electronic gadgets, we still want to print documents. Being able to do this easily is one hallmark of a mobile-friendly office.

If mobile devices can connect via WiFi, then they can print to printers that are also connected to the office network. However, sending a document to a specific printer usually requires driver software for that particular model installed on the device from which you’re printing. That’s a nuisance for employees and probably a deal-breaker for occasional visitors.

Enter PrinterOn.

PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solutions make it possible for users to print to any PrinterOn-enabled printer in the world without having to install print drivers or connect to a secure network. There are two types of delivery models, a public cloud solution for public printing locations such as hotels, airports and libraries, and a private cloud solution for enterprise and education.

In both cases, printing methods are similar. Printing can be done from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC simply by emailing documents to a PrinterOn-enabled printer, uploading documents to a web printing portal, using one of the mobile printing apps available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices or by using the PrintWhere Driver which allows printing directly from within any Windows application.

Users release their documents at the printer using a keypad, PIN, swipe card etc. depending on deployment. Documents are always kept secure.