Will the Microsoft Surface Tablet increase Mobile Printing in 2013?

What’s been missing in the mobile printing space has been the ease of office document creation and print capabilities from mobile devices. With the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet, Microsoft has a unique opportunity to marry the convenience and fun of the tablet with the tools business users require in order to perform their jobs.

Being able to easily create Word and Excel files will help generate mobile prints, but if the Surface features a tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange servers, print volumes could potentially skyrocket due to the enabled ability to print emails and email attachments. Read the full article

But how will these business users print from their Surface tablets when they aren’t in the office and connected to the corporate network?

PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solutions will enable these users to print to any PrinterOn-enabled printer in the enterprise, at public locations or at home. Printing can be done from any mobile device via email, mobile apps, cloud print portals or using the PrintWhere application. A business user on-the-go is able to search for and print to enterprise printers as well as all PrinterOn public print locations in hotels, airports, libraries and other public venues. With a PrinterOn Home subscription, users can also print to their home printer giving them remote access to printers all over the world keeping them productive.