Mobile Guest Printing as a Revenue Generator

Mobile Guest Printing as a Revenue GeneratorYou may ask “Why do I need mobile guest printing at my property, what will it do for me?” Deploying the PrinterOn solution at your property will not only fill more rooms by business travelers who require the need to print during their stay, it can also be a revenue generator and provide cost recovery for the PrinterOn service, printers and consumables.

How is this possible? PrinterOn has added a new feature that allows you to run Simple Usage Reports for Guest Folio Billing. The reports contain the Guest Name, Room Number and number of pages printed. This information can then be used to bill the guest’s folio for using the PrinterOn service.

  • no need for third party pay-for-print solution
  • easy to use, front desk staff can quickly run reports
  • revenue generation & cost recovery

View a presentation of this feature.