Mobile Printing Demand Will Grow

Your company’s employees love their mobile devices, but they sure wish they could print from them.

That’s the finding of new research from International Data Corporation, which found that 52 percent of respondents who use smartphones for work purposes said they cannot currently print from their phones, even though they want to.

The research suggests demand will only increase over the next five years as more business users access information through their mobile devices and begin to require printing capabilities.

“We are on the verge of a mobile print expansion,” said Jonathan Bees, research director at U.S. Hardcopy Device Usage Trends. “This shift away from dependence on desktop PCs and laptops for printing will provide users with the access and mobility they’re looking for.”

The driving force behind the push for increased printing options, according to the research, comes from those who travel for work, which represents 39 percent of the population.

As demand steadily increases, the study found that more and more companies are committing to building out mobile printing infrastructures to enable the increasingly mobile workforce.

The PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution makes it possible for employees, mobile workers, corporate guests and satellite offices to print to corporate printers without having to connect to your secure network or download drivers. Printing from any smartphone, tablet or laptop is easy simply by sending an email to the unique email address of a PrinterOn-enabled printer at your location. A release code is emailed back to the user that they enter into the keypad at the printer and their documents are released keeping them confidential.

Employees can also print to over 6000 PrinterOn printing locations from the same devices and user interface, making printing on-the-go even easier when they are out of the office.