Mobile Printing for Hospitality – Hampton Inn & Suites

At the Hampton Inn & Suites in Fairfield, New Jersey, customers frequently requested the ability to print directly from their personal PCs, this was not an easy option – they either transferred data via a clip drive or they disconnected the cables and downloaded print drivers. This caused virus and security issues, just simply was not convenient.

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The Hampton Inn desired a much simpler print solution with higher security and the ability to print from guest devices and rooms. Ricoh HotSpot Printers combine the powerful technology of Ricoh’s industry-leading printers with the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution which provide an all-in-one mobile printing solution for any location.

Before Mobile Printing

  • Guest printing was only available via the business center computers – not from the privacy of their rooms.
  • Unable to print from personal devices, such as laptops or smartphones.
  •  Only way to print documents was to transfer files via clip drives or customers connected their device to the business center printer and had to download the drivers.

After Mobile Printing

  • Guests can easily print confidential documents from their personal devices, such as
    BlackBerry smartphones or laptops.
  • Printing is available 24/7 from anywhere – even guest rooms.
  • Very easy to use – no drivers, software are needed to be on the network to print
  • Secure, private & no waste – only the user has the release code to print their documents.

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