You Are Never Far From a Mobile Printing Location

You are never far from a mobile printing locationAs the mobile workforce grows, more people need the ability to print while on-the-go. There are thousands of public printing locations in the world but most people probably don’t know they exist. The development of specific mobile printing apps that allow you to search for and print to these public printing locations has made locating them easy.

HP ePrint is one of these apps that lets you search for and print to over 4000 public printing locations that are powered by PrinterOn from your BlackBerry smartphone. Many of these PrintSpots are located in hotels and airports which comes in handy for the person who is constantly traveling for work. You could be at the airport or rental car location and send a print job to the printer at the hotel you will be staying at and then pick it up when you check in.

As more and more public print locations come online, it will become even easier to be successful while away from the office. Download the HP ePrint app.