Mobile Printing is a Must for Managed Print Providers

How Mobile Printing Fits Within the MPS Offering

The market shift is requiring managed print services (MPS) to provide and support on-the-go printing to its customers. A natural fit for managed print services, the mobile printing solution needs to be flexible enough to meet the demands and requirements of a vast market.

Green initiatives can also be met. Mobile printing allows a user to print only what they need when they need it. Enabling release codes prevent unwanted documents from being printed at all.

Mobile printing is a value-add service which completes the MPS offering. Corporate users can be provided with a whole solution that is not just limited to the workplace. The mobile printing experience continues whether the user is at work, at home or in public.

Although overall print volume in the market is not expected to increase going forward, the trend of where and how print is initiated is transitioning to mobile devices. Considering the adoption of mobile devices, acceptance of cloud computing and the need to continually drive productivity, the time is now for mobile printing to achieve mainstream adoption. Managed print service providers have an opportunity to provide incremental value to their corporate clients by offering a mobile print solution as part of their go-to-market approach.

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