Mobile Printing Movement is On Fire

In 2011, the mobile printing movement caught fire. Previously, mobile printing was primarily of interest to individual business travelers who wanted to print documents on the road and consumers with smartphones or tablets who wanted to print materials such as photos, directions, or receipts. Now, the demand for mobile printing has migrated into the enterprise and graphic-arts markets as the utilization of tablet computers and smartphones have become essential instruments that enable users to get work done.

In a recent survey, mobile workers were asked if they have printed from their smartphones or tablets. One-quarter of the respondents said they have printed from a tablet or phone. Almost half of the respondents said they have not printed from these devices but they expect to do so. Another quarter of the respondents have not printed from these devices but do not expect to do so.

Mobile Print Use and Future Plans Among Current Business Mobile Users

  • 46% -have not yet printed from a phone but expect to
  • 28% – have not printed and do not expect to
  • 23% – yes, have printed from a phone or tablet
  • 3% – not sure whether they can print or not
(source: Lyra Research Inc.)

Mobile printing has been one of the most talked about trends in the imaging industry in 2011,” said Ann Priede, vice president of publications, Lyra Research. “Over the past year, Lyra’s The Hard Copy Observer has devoted significant coverage to this growing market as a result of its influence on the consumer, office, enterprise, and graphic-arts printing markets and its untapped potential.”