Mobile Printing from your PlayBook with the Ricoh HotSpot Printing App

You have a new BlackBerry PlayBook…now if you could only print from it quickly and easily to thousands of public printing locations worldwide. Now you can with the Ricoh HotSpot Printing App for BlackBerry PlayBook.

Print documents securely from your BlackBerry PlayBook to printers located around the world with the HotSpot cloud printing application from Ricoh. HotSpot Printing is a free application that makes printing from your PlayBook tablet quick, easy and accessible no matter where you are.

Now you can print any document, email, attachment or webpage anywhere. No wires, no drivers or additional software, all you need is your PlayBook, the HotSpot Printing app and a wi-fi connection and you are ready to go. Print PDF documents, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio) and photos (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG) in color or monochrome from available printers near you.

This app is a must-have utility for the jet-setting business professional as most of the 8,000 public HotSpot locations are conveniently located at major hotels and airports such as American Airlines Admirals Club and Delta Clubrooms. It’s also perfect for the busy student who needs access to printers around campus using their student ID. Home users can also configure their own printers to use this app after registering their personal printer as a HotSpot for an annual fee.