Moving to the Cloud? Think About Managed Cloud Print [Infographic]

Managed cloud print services from PrinterOn

Are you thinking about moving your business applications to the cloud? You aren’t alone. Many organizations are now becoming part of the growing exodus from the traditional on premise infrastructure¬†in the quest to reduce costs, improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness. 

But what about printing?

One of the key components that is often overlooked during the planning stage is print. So how can you make sure that print isn’t an afterthought? A managed cloud print service can reduce costs and align with your overall “cloud vision.”

PrinterOn Enterprise Cloud Printing Solutions

Printing is important to the daily operation of your organization, make sure it is included in your overall plan to move to the cloud. Talk to PrinterOn today about how we can get your print infrastructure to the cloud quickly, securely and without disruption.


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