Native AirPrint™ Integration for Seamless Printing from iPhone and iPad

PrinterOn Enterprise 2.1 provides AirPrint™ support with the introduction of the PrinterOn Print Delivery Gateway  

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is not just a trend it is the world we live in. The ability to allow users to print with their own device on disparate networks in the Enterprise is essential. PrinterOn Enterprise 2.1 provides true enterprise mobility and with the integration of native AirPrint functionality makes mobile printing from your iPhone or iPad easier than ever.

Through the addition of the Print Delivery Gateway users are able to submit print jobs using the native AirPrint functionality that they are used to. However, AirPrint integrated with PrinterOn Enterprise 2.1 extends this experience by introducing advanced capabilities not traditionally associated with AirPrint:

  • Enterprise-grade security and authentication
  • Make any printer or MFP AirPrint capable
  • Extend AirPrint support across networks and connect printers outside local networks
  • Print management integration with Active Directory or LDAP