New Version of PrinterOn PrintWhere Driver Released

PrinterOn’s PrintWhere® Universal Driver is a unique and powerful software solution that enables any Windows based PC, laptop or Surface tablet to print to any PrinterOn enabled Enterprise, Education or Public print device. PrintWhere eliminates tedious printer configuration and empowers users to discover and print to printers anywhere in the world using a simple and easy to use software solution. Read more about the PrintWhere Driver.

This 4.7 release offers the following enhancements and improvements:

New – PrinterOn Enterprise Local Driver Management and Support
PrinterOn Enterprise administrators may now manually configure the Enterprise server to use locally installed drivers in addition to the PrinterOn managed drivers. This new feature will allow administrators to configure individual print queues to use any print driver, independent of whether PrinterOn directly supports the driver.

Improved – Citrix Print Support
Addressed a number of issues regarding Citrix printing using the PrintWhere driver including interaction with system services and multi-session management.

Improved – General Print Quality
A number of significant improvements have been made to PrintWhere to improve overall compatibility with various print drivers and document formats. Changes and improvements address issues such as reporting that not printable content was produced.

Korean and Japanese Document Support
Numerous improvements were made to support printing of Far East documents including Japanese, Korean and other languages and fonts.

Acrobat Reader Support
Numerous improvements supporting printing from Adobe Acrobat XI.

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