Print from iPad and iPhone with PrinterOn

The Apple iPhone and iPad have changed the smartphone paradigm and PrinterOn’s unique cloud-based printing service has changed the iOS printing paradigm by delivering mobile printing apps that let you print from iPad and print from iPhone to any PrinterOn public printing location worldwide such as hotels, cafes, libraries and airport lounges.

You will find PrinterOn’s iOS printing apps powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Once the app is installed on your device, you can print almost anything such as emails, spreadsheets, PDF files, photos and many others. It’s easy to find a printer to print to. You can do a search for a keyword like “New York”, search for a printer near you using the GPS capabilities of your iPhone or use the new Discovery feature. The Discovery feature of the iPhone and iPad printing apps allows users to automatically find the nearest available printer to them just by hitting the Discovery tab.

Download the apps from PrinterOn today and don’t leave printing behind when you leave with your iPhone or iPad.