PrinterOn & AirWatch Make Native iOS Printing “Enterprise-grade”


Many people have come to love the simplicity and ease of the Apple® AirPrint™ printing method at home but have found it challenging to use in their company. Corporate IT has also been challenged trying to implement native iOS printing on an enterprise network as well.

Today PrinterOn®, in conjunction with AirWatch® is happy to announce the release of PrinterOn Enterprise 2.4 at AirWatch Connect Atlanta 2014. Enterprise 2.4 effectively overcomes these challenges and enables companies to have the simplicity and ease of native iOS printing along with the mobility, network, and security management that corporate IT requires. With new features in 2.4 in combination with AirWatch mobile profile management, PrinterOn can:

  • Turn any enterprise printer into a native iOS printer, regardless of which network it is on
  • Preserve the simple AirPrint printing experience on iPads and iPhones that users have come to love
  • Simplify the user experience by controlling which native iOS printers are seen by the user

And in addition to these capabilities, there is one more that IT will appreciate: the ability to completely turn off the Bonjour® network protocol that, up to this point, has been needed to support native iOS printing. As elegant and simple as Bonjour is, many enterprise IT network managers would prefer to eliminate the management it takes and the network bandwidth it consumes. With PrinterOn Enterprise 2.4 and AirWatch mobile profile management, they now can.

As the world we live in becomes more and more mobile-centric, PrinterOn and AirWatch are innovating to allow mobile users to print the way they want, not only from Apple mobile devices but all mobile devices to any printer. That’s why we say: “PrinterOn, Print Simply Anywhere®

PrinterOn is also pleased to announce its acquisition by Samsung, the worldwide mobile device leader. The acquisition is expected to reinforce Samsung’s expansive mobile ecosystem, particularly for the company’s B2B customers.

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