PrinterOn Case Study – PrinterOn Enterprise with Active Directory and Print Management

Customer Profile
A global telecommunications organization that operates numerous corporate offices across Europe which are managed and serviced by a single centralized location.

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The objective of this project was to implement a Mobile Cloud Printing Platform that provides mobile printing to employees by allowing them to print from any device to nearly any printer. The project also required integration with a 3rd party print management solution to manage print output and provide pull printing capabilities.

In addition to corporate print services, the solution was required to support guest printing which included providing the ability to identify non-employee users and offer different print workflows based on the users’ identity. The solution also needed the ability to integrate with an Active Directory containing over 100,000 users and identify guest users with minimal or no impact on processing times.

Benefits & Results

  • Provide managed print workflows for both employees and guests with a single server integrated with print management
  • Centrally managed print infrastructure reduces support costs
  • New modern infrastructure to provide email and mobile app print workflows
  • Integrate with a large central Active Directory of nearly 100,000 users and perform user lookup services in under 1 second identifying guest users versus employees
  • Provide a single solution that offers pull printing capabilities where users can release documents with a proximity card and guest users can release with a secure release code