PrinterOn Continues to Impress, this time, AirWatch

PrinterOn has made yet another strong impression as AirWatch, a PrinterOn partner and the host of the AirWatch Connect Atlanta conference, became the latest company to recognize the world’s leader in mobile and enterprise print solutions. AirWatch recently published a blog written by Scott Solomon, and spoke of how PrinterOn makes mobile and enterprise printing easy and secure for our customers.

Solomon’s blog can be found by clicking here.

Many topics were covered in Solomon’s blog, including who is PrinterOn, how do our solutions benefit businesses, and what our partnership with AirWatch includes. Solomon also featured an interview with Tom Barber, the director of marketing and business development at PrinterOn. Here is a quick glance:

“Organizations have a tendency to forget about the challenges of printing from mobile devices in the enterprise, says Barber. The all-too-common challenge often arises when an enterprise procures a large amount of iPads to support a particular business process and then realizes they are unable to use them to securely print. β€œIn the enterprise, insecure printing is a non-starter. You must securely print.” Between enterprise network security and the way mobile devices print, connecting new mobile devices to printers can be difficult. But with PrinterOn, enterprises can enable employees, regardless of device, to print from any location – even on-the-go.”

PrinterOn received nothing but praise from Solomon, who referred to us as the world’s leader in mobile print solutions and complimented our cloud printing solutions and security. Solomon’s praise reinforces what PrinterOn has always strived to produce, quality, secure, and industry leading print solutions.