PrinterOn Enterprise 2.3 Released

PrinterOn Enterprise 2.3 focuses on providing even more options to connect users, their devices and infrastructure services to the PrinterOn Enterprise mobile printing platform. This release introduces support for Google Cloud Print and native Window’s print server integrations using the new PrinterOn Queue Management System (PQMS).

This release of PrinterOn Enterprise is complemented by a major update to all PrinterOn mobile applications including the iPad printing app and the Android printing app. The combination of PrinterOn Enterprise’s ability to meet the simplest to the most complex network and infrastructure requirements along with the ease of use and best in class mobile applications, make the PrinterOn platform a unique powerful yet user friendly solution.

Read the Enterprise 2.3 Release Notes

PrinterOn Enterprise New Additions

  1. Google Cloud Print Support
    PrinterOn Enterprise 2.3 now supports a native Google Cloud Print integration.
  2. PrinterOn Queue Management System (PQMS)
    The PrinterOn Queue Management System introduces support for direct integration with “standard” Windows servers and queues. The PQMS allows organizations to link traditional print infrastructures with the PrinterOn Enterprise Cloud Print Platform.
  3. Danish Language Support
    PrinterOn Enterprise now supports Danish in addition to the existing languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean.
  4. PrinterOn Discovery Service Broadcast from PDG
    PrinterOn’s PDG now supports independent re-broadcasting of PrinterOn Enterprise print services and automatic synchronization of services and printers for use with PrinterOn mobile applications.