PrinterOn Enterprise 2.4 Released

This release of PrinterOn Enterprise 2.4 is complemented by a major update to all PrinterOn mobile applications including those for iOS and Android. The combination of PrinterOn Enterprise’s ability to meet the simplest to the most complex network and infrastructure requirements along with the ease of use and best in class mobile applications, make the PrinterOn platform a uniquely powerful yet user friendly solution.

PrinterOn Enterprise New Additions

New – Wide Area Network iOS Printing
System and print administrators may now provide all the benefits of the integrated print functionality of iOS without the challenges of local network discovery protocols.  By leveraging existing capabilities of iOS7 administrators gain benefits such as:

  • Enabling native iOS print outside the boundaries of a single subnet
  • Managing access to what printers are visible to a user’s device
  • Integrating large scale management and deployment with the most popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) providers on the market

New – Simple Mobile App User Provisioning
PrinterOn’s Simple Mobile App User Provisioning enables administrators using PrinterOn iOS and Android Mobile Apps to enable small groups or thousands of users with PrinterOn’s mobile apps, using a single simple QR-code based provisioning process.

The new Provisioning Process uses information retrieved from the QR code and the PrinterOn Directory or Enterprise server to:

  • Automatically Add a desired printer to a user’s device.
  • Automatically configure server information and connect the user’s device to the Enterprise server.
  • Prompt a user for credentials if required as part of the walkthrough process

This process automatically detects all other printers that are part of the Enterprise service in the future, removing the need for user managed printers and servers, allowing a user to access multiple Enterprise services, while also increasing overall security by linking printers to their respective Enterprise services automatically.

New – IPP Print Server & Oracle Compatibility
PrinterOn Enterprise now supports direct access and management of the Print Delivery Gateway’s IPP print services. The integrated IPP server allows for new integrations as simple as basic IPP print clients to complex ERP workflows such as integrating Oracle ERP with PrinterOn Enterprise. This allows IPP clients and ERP systems to leverage network independent print delivery, enabling new global deployments not previously available without costly and complex network changes.

New – VPSX LRSQueue Support
To complement PrinterOn’s extensive catalogue of integrations with well known solution providers, PrinterOn Enterprise now supports a direct integration with the VPSX using LRSQueue from LRS. This integration allows jobs to be delivered from PrinterOn’s Print Delivery Station directly to a VPSX server, meeting LRS’s security requirements as well as maintaining PrinterOn’s ability to maintain print job and job owner information from complex networks with ease.

New – Authenticating Reverse Proxy support for Print Delivery Station
PrinterOn’s Print Delivery Station now supports enhanced Reverse Proxy support including seamless Basic Authentication support for most commonly used commercial and open source reverse proxy solutions. The new Authenticating Reverse Proxy support for PDS allows administrators to manage individual PDS access at many levels concurrently including using PrinterOn’s own PDS access control as well as independently by providing access control at the network level via a reverse proxy.

New – Fuji-Xerox Reporting with Equitrac
Added support for standard Fuji-Xerox MFP-based reporting when using Equitrac to track and generate reports.

If you would like to upgrade to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.4, please contact