PrinterOn Enterprise for Education: Mobile Printing for Students

Secure mobile printing from any device, to any printer, on any network.

For students, technology is a part of life. Smartphones, tablets and laptops proliferate campuses all over the world. Printing from these devices in the past has been difficult or not possible at all. Campus IT policies add another level of difficulty as they don’t allow personal devices to connect to the secure network. PrinterOn Enterprise for Education provides a way for students to print from any device without having to connect to the network or download drivers.

PrinterOn Enterprise enables students and faculty to easily and securely print documents from laptops, tablets or smartphones to designated printers on campus, in the library, at residences or in labs, without having to connect to the network or download printer drivers. Students can print by uploading documents to an intranet web portal, or by emailing documents to a printer’s unique email address from any Wi-Fi or Internet connected device.

PrinterOn Enterprise is an On-Premise Cloud Solution which is deployed directly on-site. Software components are installed on campus servers and all processing and encryption of documents is done in the “Private Cloud.” This ensures data stays within the boundaries of your network, providing secure mobile printing for any campus.