PrinterOn Enterprise: Mobile Printing with Rapid Deployment

Challenge – Mobile Printing Usually Requires Network Reconfiguration

Even if enterprise IT wanted to enable mobile printing support enterprise-wide, it would take significant network infrastructure changes to do so. There are two main reasons for this: user authentication and lack of network-wide print services.

First, all mobile users must be authenticated to gain access to the corporate network itself. Typically in an enterprise environment this happens via Virtual Private Network (or “VPN”). If VPN hasn’t been deployed to mobile devices, it can be quite an undertaking.

Second, once on the corporate network, mobile users must be able to have access to print services and the desired printer(s) they want to use. Again, depending on current desktop configurations and profiles in use, this might be problematic.

Solution – Central Print Services

PrinterOn’s Enterprise printing solution, solves this problem by utilizing its Central Print Services (CPS) module to route print requests and also integrate with corporate authentication services to enable user access.

With this combination of services, PrinterOn Enterprise enables any print requests from any mobile or fixed device to be routed to any printer configured on the PrinterOn Enterprise 2.0 printing service.

There are little to no network changes required to deploy PrinterOn Enterprise because it is printer-agnostic. Printers are configured and provisioned centrally and PrinterOn’s unique design ensures print jobs find their way to the intended printer through various network configurations.

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