PrinterOn Enterprise-Class Mobile Printing Comes to Your Home

PrinterOn has the most complete mobile printing system enabling mobile professionals to print to public, business and home printers using one interface

PrinterOn, provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class online printing services, today announced the immediate availability of PrinterOn Home. PrinterOn Home rounds out PrinterOn’s mobile printing capability by enabling mobile professionals to print to their home-based printer just as they would to any PrinterOn-enabled public or business printer. Like PrinterOn Public and Business, PrinterOn Home is a cloud printing solution that enables users to print directly from any smartphone, tablet or laptop to their current home office printer via email.

By downloading a piece of software that resides on a home computer or laptop, any printer is turned into an email-capable printer1. There is no need to purchase a special printer as almost any home printer will work2. PrinterOn Home is available now through online subscription for $9.95 USD.3

Click here to subscribe to PrinterOn Home.

With each PrinterOn Home subscription, a unique email address is assigned to the user’s home printer. Send an email with a document attached to that specific address and the document prints. Users can print from wherever they are to their home printer, whether they are around the block, or around the world.

Users of PrinterOn Home can also print to over 6,000 print locations worldwide which are part of the PrinterOn network of printers, including hotels, airports, libraries, cafes and more. Mobile printing apps are also available for BlackBerry® printing, iPhone® printing, iPad® printing and Android® printing. All are online printing solutions which allow users to search for and print to all PrinterOn locations.

“PrinterOn is excited to offer a complete range of mobile printing options for the Public, Business and Home markets,” said Ken Noreikis, Vice President Sales & Marketing, PrinterOn Corporation. “PrinterOn simplifies mobile printing across various locations making the life of a mobile professional more productive. No longer are they left to search for various applications, USB sticks or risk emailing documents for print.”

With the immediate availability of PrinterOn Home, PrinterOn makes remote printing available through a single user interface and consistent user experience whether it is to public, business, or home locations.

About PrinterOn Corporation

PrinterOn is the world’s leading Mobile Printing Solution within the Public, Business and Home markets. PrinterOn uses Cloud technology to enable users to print documents from any smartphone, laptop or tablet to any PrinterOn-enabled printer in the world. There are over 6000 PrinterOn printing locations worldwide. The PrinterOn mobile printing solution has been deployed in over 35 countries in hotels, universities, airports, libraries and corporations. Since inception in 2001, PrinterOn has processed over 4 million mobile print jobs and has printed more than 20 million pages.

1 Computer must be connected to Internet.
Printer must be either PCL or PostScript to be enabled.
PrinterOn Home is a subscription service. Renewal on a yearly basis at $9.95 USD per year.