PrinterOn for Public Libraries

Libraries often struggle with budgetary constraints and are torn between keeping costs under control while providing the latest services and technology to patrons. Print capability is a typical service at public libraries, but it comes with associated problems such as the maintenance of computers and drivers by IT departments, paper waste by patrons who print and never pick up their documents and the time staff have to spend collecting money from patrons who are paying for prints.

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The PrinterOn cloud printing solution provides mobile print capability to patrons while also solving many of the issues created by traditional printing from desktop stations.

  • Print drivers are managed in the cloud eliminating the need for IT departments to manage them
  • Documents are not released without entering a unique release code preventing print waste and providing security
  • With the addition of a pay-for-print service such as PayPal or Jamex coin box, libraries now have a self-serve printing service which eliminates the need for interaction with library staff
  • Patrons can print from their own mobile devices allowing libraries to scale back or eliminate PCs required only for printing