PrinterOn Introduces Remote Printing from SAP

The PrinterOn Connector for SAP – Simple, Secure Printing from SAP to Any Printer in Your Enterprise or Supply Chain.

The PrinterOn Connector for SAP is a third-party NetWeaver-based interface developed by Automation ERP Inc. that provides integration between SAP enterprise resource planning software and PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solutions. It allows users to print documents from SAP to any printer, at any location that is PrinterOn-enabled. This integration supports both the PrinterOn cloud-based and on-premise PrinterOn Enterprise solutions.

When an SAP user wants to print to a PrinterOn-enabled printer, they simply select the printer from the same list as any directly connected printer and press the print button. The PrinterOn Connector receives the spool job and then it is processed, encrypted and delivered to the PrinterOn Delivery Hub (PDH) where it waits to be released. The PrinterOn Connector queries the PrinterOn service for the status of the print job and reports that status back to the SAP ECC spooler. In the event of a failure, the PrinterOn Connector can send emails or SAP workflow events to the user.

  • SAP native printing – Print directly from within SAP to any printer at any location quickly and easily, the user experience is identical to SAP native network based printing
  • Printer support – PrinterOn supports a wide variety of document and bar code printers
  • Secure – Data is processed on site, secure release of documents
  • Consistent experience – Continue the mobile printing experience throughout your entire corporation
  • Expanded functionality – Adding mobile and remote printing to SAP increases its value and expands its functionality
  • Increase efficiency, save money – Documents and labels can be printed quickly at location of choice saving time and money on shipping
  • Installation – remote locations can be enabled in minutes
  • Proven architecture – The PrinterOn Connector leverages PrinterOn solutions which have been deployed worldwide with over 10 years of real-world usage

The PrinterOn Connector for SAP is delivered as a fully integrated package that can be installed directly on the SAP ECC instance. The package can be configured by any BASIS administrator the same as they would configure any other OMS solution. Contact for more information.