PrinterOn Launches New Website

PrinterOn is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The site has undergone a complete renovation and has come out with a fresh new look.

What’s New?

  • PrinterOn Home
    PrinterOn has launched the PrinterOn Home cloud printing solution which turns your home printer into an email-capable printer. With each PrinterOn Home subscription, a unique email address is assigned to the user’s home printer. An email with a document attached is sent to that specific address and the document prints. Users can print from wherever they are to their home printer, whether they are around the block, or around the world. PrinterOn Home is available now through online subscription for $9.95 USD
  • Support Forum
    The new PrinterOn support forum allows you to ask questions about your service, get solutions to your problems and find related help documents.
  • Print Now
    The new Print Now button easily walks you through the steps to print using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Join the Cloud and get PrinterOn now for your Home, Business or Public location!