PrinterOn Mobile Printing at San Francisco Public Library

Patrons of the San Francisco Public Library can now print from their laptops and computers at the library using the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution.

The web-based solution enables users to upload documents to a web printing portal and submit them for printing.

  1. The user goes to
  2. A document is uploaded and submitted for printing
  3. They choose their printing options and create a user name and password
  4. Pages are counted and the price is displayed, the user approves the job and it is sent to the printer
  5. The user goes to the printer and enters their user name and password created during the submission process and the total cost is displayed
  6. They pay using the coin box at the printer
  7. The prints are released

The PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution is located at over 9000 public printing locations such a libraries, airports, hotels and universities worldwide.