PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solves IT Challenges with BYOD

The BYOD movement within the Enterprise brings with it some challenges when it comes to printing from these devices. IT departments are concerned about security and ease-of-use among other issues.

PrinterOn Enterprise is a Private Cloud Solution that meets the diverse mobile printing requirements within an organization. PrinterOn Enterprise ensures documents are printed and managed within your network regardless of device, printer, network or geographic location. PrinterOn Enterprise is deployed directly on-site for organizations that require integrations to existing authentication and print management systems, extending and enhancing existing infrastructure investments.

Challenge 1: User experience – When employees want to print documents from their laptops or desktop computers, it is as simple as clicking the print icon. However, many tablet and smartphone operating systems aren’t designed with printing in mind, so that ease-of-use can be difficult to emulate.

Solution: With PrinterOn Enterprise, users can choose from two methods to print from their devices. Simple email printing or by using one of the mobile printing apps available for iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices. Both methods offer a quick and easy way to print from either a smartphone or tablet.

Challenge 2: Device access – An IT department may be responsible for supporting many mobile devices. Add in multiple operating systems and the number of printers a user needs access to, and IT has a major challenge. Providing access to the network is just the first step. The bigger challenge is how to find, connect and send information to the user’s printer of choice.

Solution: With PrinterOn Enterprise, all available printers within the organization are displayed with the mobile apps and users can do a “nearby” search via the GPS functionality used by their device.

Challenge 3: Output fidelity – Perhaps the most important aspect of any type of printing is whether what users are seeing on their screens matches what they pick up at the printer. For mobile printing, this means the document must be accurately converted to a data stream the printer can understand; otherwise the printed copy won’t match the soft copy.

Solution: With PrinterOn Enterprise, almost all files types are supported and hard copy output is accurately rendered and printed as the soft copy appears.