PrinterOn Now Part of Verizon Developer Community

Verizon Developer Community

At the Verizon Developers Conference in Las Vegas this week, it was announced Verizon Wireless has added PrinterOn to its list of companies providing tools and enablers for the development of mobile applications by the Verizon Developers Community (VDC).

Members of the Verizon Developers Community (VDC) can now apply to PrinterOn for access to the PrinterOn API allowing them to integrate mobile printing into the apps they are developing. Adding the PrinterOn mobile printing functionality to these apps would allow users to search for and print to the PrinterOn public network of printers called PrintSpots. PrintSpots are currently installed at over 4,000 locations in over 35 countries worldwide in leading hotels, airport clubs, coffee shops, libraries, higher education and corporate facilities. Go to the PrintSpots Global Directory.

Developers of mobile apps requiring printing capability can quickly and easily add this function now and the end users of these applications will benefit by being able to search for and print to this vast network of public printers.

This acknowledgment by Verizon Wireless also sends a precedent setting message that PrinterOn will be the technology of choice behind all mobile printing capability integration in the future.

Apply for access to the PrinterOn API at
To register for the VDC, visit